ASMR | Test Your Luck
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I loved making this video!! So many fun ways to test your luck...are you a lucky person or not?? Let's find out! I'm.... average! LOL
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  • Boss Gifted12
    Boss Gifted12

    Where is russian roulette am disappointed

  • Nico the gamer
    Nico the gamer

    100% luck

  • #cool #lol
    #cool #lol

    11:18 "If you guessed yellow, you're extremely lucky" Me in gacha games: Say that one more time

  • Ada Hunter
    Ada Hunter

    I was surprised when I got some of them write

  • Rok Mun
    Rok Mun

    Never lucky

  • creepy pinny
    creepy pinny

    I’ve never been happier than getting all those cups correct

  • Ernantes Francis
    Ernantes Francis

    Get green crack

    • Ernantes Francis
      Ernantes Francis


  • CoCo_ Kora
    CoCo_ Kora

    It made me happy when she was talking about the legend of Korra because that is my name, korra

  • Syd Smith
    Syd Smith

    Yall her voice is the McDonald’s sprite.

  • Silja Tanner
    Silja Tanner


  • Chris Sapoopa
    Chris Sapoopa

    Every cup test I always got down to the last two cups and lost every one

  • door


  • Lawen Thompson
    Lawen Thompson

    I got like 90 percent right ima go fight a bear

  • Al zahra'a Al Dashti
    Al zahra'a Al Dashti

    Bro idc care about luck anymore I want that Naruto coin😂

  • brimilew

    I had a Tickle Me Elmo in 1996. I got it for Christmas that year.

  • Sievid

    Please make more of these

  • Raunak Siddiqui
    Raunak Siddiqui

    If you get to know by this video you are too lucky or lucky👍..pls give me some luck too🙏...if you not, give me high-five....🙄

  • Wolford Family
    Wolford Family

    11:09 My thoughts before that: its prob yellow 2 sec later: hmmmmmmmmm maybe pink....??? 2 sec later: yellow, its my fave color 2 secs later: NONONO ITS TOOOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT HAS TO BE PINK!!!!!!!! 4 secs later: WTH MAN!! I REALLY AM UNLUCKY!

  • Monica Walker
    Monica Walker


  • Zak Windle
    Zak Windle

    I swear I only got two tests right. I got one of the times you flipped the coin, and I guessed the purple dice would roll a 2 and the black dice would roll a 6. 😂🤪

  • Fred Johnston
    Fred Johnston

    WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL I ACTUALLY JUST NONCHALANTLY WAS LIKE 'black 6 and purple 2' HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Welp, I'm off to go start a corporation. See ya when I'm on the news.

  • devansh shukla
    devansh shukla

    She said that chances were 50-50 I got all the answers wrong maybe my chances of being lucky to unlucky are 0-100🥲🥲🥲

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Me: watches it a second time... “oh? You’re challenging me?”

  • Racon III
    Racon III

    My luck works 37% of the time.

  • isaiah shaw
    isaiah shaw

    You guys I shit you not i got the purple and black die correct and it was the o fly one this whe video I got holy shitttttt

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    I picked left hand blue and when i actually got it I flinched🤣

  • sleepy coffee
    sleepy coffee

    I still have the guts/voice box from tickle me Elmo and OMG it is creepy to find that while digging through old box’s

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      ... I got the purple 2 and black 6 right... I... don't know how to feel.

  • sleepy coffee
    sleepy coffee

    There is nothing better then the feeling of guessing the correct one

  • Red Tsar
    Red Tsar

    "The arrow is pointing left or right?" Me,an intellectual: *UP*

  • KILLz storm
    KILLz storm


  • The REAL Slim SADIE
    The REAL Slim SADIE

    Arrow test- FAIL Naruto coin test- FAIL Colors test- I got first test RIGHT second AND third I FAILED Raffle Test- 😴

  • Cover Girl
    Cover Girl

    Purple 2 black 6. Oh my God I think I really should go buy a lottery ticket. Ok seriously my logic was that right before she rolled them the purple die was 2 and the black die was 6 so I thought that they would be the same and they were. I’m so happy for some reason and I can’t go to sleep knowing somehow I just guessed that right

  • Sqwooshy • Mooshy
    Sqwooshy • Mooshy

    Nobody: me looking in the comments to be “lucky” 😏

  • Cover Girl
    Cover Girl

    Oh my god left hand blue... umm am I magic? I also got the 2nd two color choices right and I feel special

  • João lopes
    João lopes

    2:42 nope I'm left handed but I know that 75% of the people are right handed sooooo I assume that you're right handed

  • Marvin BVB09
    Marvin BVB09

    I think at all you can get 28 Luck points and i got 8 im fine

  • ArizonaDingus

    When you get all the cup ones right and everything else wrong

  • Madison Lawrence
    Madison Lawrence

    Love this vid Gibi

  • Holly May
    Holly May

    Left or right/1st✅ Left,right,up or down/2nd❌ Coin flip/3rd✅ Coin flip/4th✅ Coin flip/5th❌ Colour test/6th✅ 25%colour test/7th❌ Hard colour test/8th✅ Raffle luck test/9th❌ This is my first ever comment so let me know if I did it ok

  • summerlily5

    i got none right, wow me

  • Enfad The Fangirl
    Enfad The Fangirl

    ... I got the purple 2 and black 6 right... I... don't know how to feel.

  • ainsley

    me, my indecisive self struggling to watch this vid like: :'D

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    All the dislikes are from people who didn’t get lucky

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    I sucked at these but I got left hand blue so fuck it lmao

  • Soundarya Nathan
    Soundarya Nathan

    Hi gena

  • Syafiq Asyraf
    Syafiq Asyraf

    You mean u are Gabi right. How dare u kill Sasha😒

  • Ioli Symianaki
    Ioli Symianaki

    #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #ellianawalmsley #piperrockelle: *wearing super long nails with dark colours and high heels and short skirts and crop tops* #gibiasmr: *just dying her nails a bright nice colour and being short just like a normal person*

    • Ioli Symianaki
      Ioli Symianaki

      @abbsnn cose haha me too

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Sorry Gibi but beyonce tought me to choose always to the left

  • L0oped


  • Moonlight Dust
    Moonlight Dust

    YOOO I actually got that last card test right

  • Richard Maisu
    Richard Maisu

    Her other videos are spicy 😉

  • shur1k3n_FTW

    6:12 "im a heads person rather than a tails person" 😳

  • katie nickloff
    katie nickloff

    did anyone else try to guess like using what would be most logical. like i choose yellow cause it stood out the most and that’s why she would choose it

  • 100T Kite
    100T Kite

    Why am I so bad at this wtf lol

  • Ema Bilíková
    Ema Bilíková

    You're so beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Gage Nickels
    Gage Nickels

    I got all of the easier ones to get right wrong and the hard ones I got right

  • jorge mtz
    jorge mtz

    The way she asked the questions and her expressions gave me the vibes from Poppy's old videos I absolutely loved this

  • Sc0ur

    I’m probably going to get struck by lightning or something tomorrow because I literally didn’t get one right.😂

  • Shadow Smith 2
    Shadow Smith 2

    I don't wanna brag but I have pretty bad luck hahahehhhh



  • William O
    William O

    Idle why I'm mad at picking yellow because I had a lose streak for the last two test and I wanted to make it though all the tests without getting anything correct getting everything wrong is really lucky in my opinion because the 50 50 are easy to pass 11:13

  • Caio bauab
    Caio bauab

    Sorry Gibi but beyonce tought me to choose always to the left

  • Max Desjardins
    Max Desjardins


  • Max Desjardins
    Max Desjardins

    I got the super dice tedt

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I got literally every one right.........the second time I watched it

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson


  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Me look at the comments me I got dis me answer all the questions right me you wanna try me?

  • Erwin Rommel 1945
    Erwin Rommel 1945

    Sinne When is my Luck so Good hahah

  • Samuel Paterson
    Samuel Paterson

    Gibi: Test your luck Me who smashed a mirror last weekend: *cries in unlucky*

  • Emelie

    I swaer to god i Said a black 6 and a PURPLE 2. I’m in chock right know. For real

  • Kyla Wright
    Kyla Wright

    Lol how did you guys lose the paper raffle? I literally chose white both times 😼

  • mel

    this is a bad video, I’m not lucky.

  • Bugiop High
    Bugiop High

    When you feel lucky because you had everything Wright but you find out your roblox gf is your mother ... 😩 feels bad ...

  • cherry girl
    cherry girl

    I have genuinely got 100% right so far buuuut I did break my ankle last week so I’m unsure whether I’m lucky right now....

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    My last name literally being luck 💀: 100% My actual luck: 0%

  • Kerri Coulter
    Kerri Coulter

    So far I have done 7 of them and have not got one single correct answer. This test is highly accurate!!!

  • Yasin Alassaf
    Yasin Alassaf

    I'm lucky, because I watch your videos. Love you ❤😘👉

  • With Love, Grace
    With Love, Grace

    I’m far from lucky I got 1 answer correct lol

  • Griffin Bolt
    Griffin Bolt

    None of my answers were lucky except guessing the correct number on the purple and black dice

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      31:14 is the first time I got one. This is why I don’t play the lottery

  • leem leem
    leem leem


  • Alexandra Duhoux
    Alexandra Duhoux

    love it and love your outfit

  • Ali Salah
    Ali Salah

    Prt 2❤️

  • Michidmaa M
    Michidmaa M

    Can i choose black

  • Noah Milne
    Noah Milne

    I was on the verge of passing out and I guessed Queen of 🔥and woke up immediately due to excitement

  • Cambrie Dowls
    Cambrie Dowls

    40:05 I learned it when i was 7

  • Ondrej Choma
    Ondrej Choma

    OMG! I hit the two dices 1 and 4 :D

  • Megachicken 123
    Megachicken 123

    Am I the only one whose video was split by the "fastest asmr" sections


    I got VERY unlucky!

  • The Rohan
    The Rohan


  • digitalhenry

    Damn, i guess i need to figure out what i'm going to name my future ogar baby

  • RJC Racing
    RJC Racing

    I picked up, thought I was right. I was not even at the guess, I picked left. Turns out my night is ruined and I lost all my money at the casino. Overall I got tingles.

  • Chad Wick
    Chad Wick

    no lie got all the twister ones right fr fr fr "that would be kinda crazy" 22:09

  • Weird Human
    Weird Human

    31:14 is the first time I got one. This is why I don’t play the lottery

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    Gibi: "Test your luck!" Me, with a gameshow voice: "Test how well you are at predicting Gibi's choices?"

  • Isabel Foerster
    Isabel Foerster

    🌙Timestamps!🌙 0:00 Intro 1:05 Arrow test 4:25 Coin toss 6:47 Color test 11:39 Paper raffle 18:31 Twister spinner 25:13 Cup test 33:30 Card test 41:59 Dice test 47:41 Fortune telling 51:32 Outro :)

    • Natural Coffee
      Natural Coffee


  • Jordan

    In conclusion, I do believe that gambling is not for me

  • blorkator x
    blorkator x

    Bruh before 29:42 no one good

  • Spawn Point Set
    Spawn Point Set

    I got all 3 right on the Color Test

  • Pineapple

    I’m mad I got the 1in2 wrong but I got the 1in6 correct

  • Tammy Albin
    Tammy Albin

    I’m not real lucky I’m skillful

  • Hannah Cagle
    Hannah Cagle

    I just guessed yellow until I got it right..